Birth Injury Due To Improper C- Section

Birth Injury1

According to the experts from the, a Cesarean section also called shortly as C –section is considered to be a major surgical procedure to deliver a child from the mother’s abdomen and uterine wall. As per the website, it is a risky procedure which can cause injury to both the mother and the infant if not done with proper care. Many medical experts perform this surgery only when there is a medical urgency. On the other hand, C-sections are mandatory when a situation arises to prevent injury to both the mother and the infant. Hence, C-section seems to be a tricky one for the medical experts, and it offers many challenges to the concerned surgeons. Read on to find out some interesting facts about this C-section which is widely performed in many countries.

As said earlier, c section is a risky procedure, and in some peculiar circumstances, mistakes are made during the surgical procedure. In such cases, such mistakes can cause serious injuries to the mother or infant or both, wherein the victims have all the rights to recover the damages through a medical malpractice claim lawsuit. These serious injuries include bleeding and few internal organ damage, nerve damage, the formation of sepsis or infection due to poor wound closure, cardiovascular or respiratory complications and many more. On the infant side the birth injuries such as broken bones, lacerations are likely to result from an improper C-section surgery.

Some of the injuries discussed above can even cause permanent damage or even death for mother or infant. More often infants can experience permanent brain damage when they have received an extended period of oxygen deprivation, which is considered to be a serious situation. Also, these infants can experience other issues in their cardiovascular and lung systems and more. Interestingly only a few symptoms of brain damage are immediately noticeable while the majority of others cannot be identified until the infant fails to develop in the normal course. Some of the easily identifiable symptoms of the brain damage of the infant include extreme crying and showing unusual reactions to external stimuli and interactions, abnormal physical appearance, and few developmental delays.

Though the concerned OB-GYN specialist has a duty and responsibility to perform the C-section in a right manner, medical errors can happen without any intention and can result in various injuries as mentioned above and even lead to the death of the mother or infant. It is here; a professional personal injury attorney comes in to represent the concerned individual harmed by the medical malpractice or negligence. These professional legal experts have tons of experience in dealing such cases referring them to the medical board as well file a lawsuit in the court of law.

These personal injury attorneys work along with the concerned patient in seeking justice and getting the remedy from the erring medical practitioner or from the Institution where the malpractice was done. Most of these legal experts never take any fee from the client and claim the same only after getting the necessary claim after fighting the case.

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